Illustration for Animation

Pascal Campion - view master profile

Pascal Campion is a fine art artist who is working freelance for most of the major animation studios, producing illustration used in the visual development of movies. To list only a few of his clients, he worked for Dreamworks Animation, Disney Feature, Cartoon Network.
Every day, before getting to his commissioned works, Pascal creates one personal image that he is posting on his blog. This workshop covers a narrative of how he creates his images from referencing to conceptualization and final render. In his compositions, he takes careful attention to details, making the background as important as the characters in the scene. In this workshop, he will be talking about color, composition and the elements he successfully uses to tell and suggest stories in single images without compromising his signature style.
To create his very graphic images, Pascal is mainly using Flash and Photoshop. He will walk you through his technical shortcuts for these programs.