Imagination as a Tool for Environment Design for Animation

Jason Scheier - view master profile

Jason Scheier is currently a senior Concept Artist at Dreamworks animation studios. In this workshop’s lecture, he will guide artists of all calibers on a Journey behind the creative and imaginative image making process. Learn to unlock parts of your mind and harness your thoughts into immersive creative imagery. During this workshop, Jason will touch on all aspects of his working process; as well as showing how to break through imaginative blocks and pitfalls. Typically in schools, this topic is rarely discussed, so Jason will go into great detail showing his personal process of how to overcome mental, as well as physical obstacles. Join us as Jason Scheier will take you on a journey into his mind, and show you how to turn imagination into communication. Learn to develop your imagination, for it can be your greatest tool.
The workshop will provide you with a very informative lecture about the imaginative image making process also how to reach for the best compositions, references, and story-telling techniques. At the end of the lecture, Jason will show a demonstration of how he creates an image from start to end applying all of the concepts he described previously.
Jason also teaches a masterclass with CGMA. For more information on that class, please visit: Fundamentals of Creative Environment Design

The images displayed on this page are past examples of artwork, created by the artist.