CG Master Workshops (CGMW) by CG Master Academy (CGMA) is an online community dedicated to helping artists develop and cultivate their creative talents. Filled with the best possible training around, our online demonstrations will help aspiring artists in their goals of becoming industry artists.

The workshops/classes are taught by the best in the industry; Individuals we like to call "Master's". These artists have years of experience and have worked for many of the major studios (including: Disney, Blizzard, DreamWorks, Pixar, Digital Domain, etc.) or renowned published artists, and are passionate about mentoring the next generation of artists. Our goal is to provide students with an environment that will help them retain the most from their education, in order to help them achieve their goals in becoming professional artists.

All workshops will be launched at 12:00 A.M., Pacific Standard Time- on the date of their scheduled release. Once purchased, you can watch, and re-watch, the workshop(s) as many times as you like. However, they will only be accessible for the length of time you chose at check-out according to the number of workshops you bought in a single purchase. You can change the dates of your starting viewing time as long as it is done prior to the original date selected. 

Additionally, all workshops labeled "New" will have the added benefit of a Live Q&A session with the artist. These usually take place a couple of weeks after first release. So make sure to sign-up for them. The specific dates appear in our workshop page.
"Previous" Workshops don't have a live Q&A session. However, all past Q&As are recorded and viewable by all students, on our Youtube channel.
For more information please take a look at our FAQs page or contact us directly at info@cgmwonline.com. Therefore, both category of workshops can be bought at the any time.

CGMW is an extension of CGMA. Information about CGMA can be found at http://www.cgmwmasterclasses.com/about-us.html. If you are interested in intensive 8 week courses taught by some of the best artists in their field please visit the CGMA website.