Creature Design

Anthony Francisco - view master profile

Anthony Francisco is a Concept Artist/Art Director who has worked on many projects- for both the film and gaming industry. He has created concepts for numerous movies, such as: Men in Black 2, Alien Vs. Predator, Species3, Spiderman, and Chronicles of Riddick (just to name a few). He has also taught character design at Gnomon, and the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Arts.

In this workshop Anthony will demonstrate how to bring about true bloodcurdling creature designs. He will outline everything from: initial sketches, preliminary design, and initial final rendering process using Photoshop, to the integration of a concept design for prosthetics used in practical effects. Anthony will also talk about his experience as a creature designer, his work, and what it takes to stand out in this industry.


The images displayed on this page are past examples of artwork, created by the artist.