Master Profile
Eric Ryan

Creature & Character Design for Games

Eric Ryan is a concept artist with over 8 years experience in both the film and video game industries. Using solid art techniques- coupled with a strong knowledge of creature anatomy -Eric creates images that are both fantastic, and believable.


Beginning his studies at the University of Berkley, in Molecular and Cell Biology, Eric moved to the Art Institute of California to study Media Arts and Animation, back in 2001. A brief two years later, he started work as a 3D and Concept Artist, for Liquid Entertainment. Eventually, Eric worked his way up to Associate Art Director at the Pasadena based studio, before rounding out his tour there. 


Beyond Liquid, Eric has offered his talents as an instructor for Character Design at Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, and the Art Institute of California. Presently, Eric works as a Senior Concept Artist at Sony Computer Entertainment of America.