Q1. I have never done an online workshop before. How does it work?
CG | Master Workshops [CGMW] — presented by the CG | Master Academy [CGMA]— is an online community dedicated to helping artists develop and cultivate their creative talents. The workshops are taught by some of the best artists in the entertainment industry; Individuals we like to call "Master's." These industry professionals have many years of production experience, and have worked for many of the top film, animation, and gaming studios, or have taught in the leading art schools in the country. All-in-all, they are extremely passionate about mentoring the next generation of artists, to be the best they can be.
How Do the Workshops Work?
First, instructors pre-record their workshop's lesson prior to the release date of the workshop. These demonstrations range from 2 - 3 hours in length, unless otherwise noted in the "Workshop Description Page".
Secondly, our Workshops are released as streaming video content, from our servers. As a viewer, you will be granted access to the workshops based on the dates — you picked — at the time of purchase. These are:
  • 1 workshop: 3 weeks watching time
  • 2 to 3 workshops: 5 weeks watching time
  • 4 to 8 workshops: 7 weeks watching time
  • 9 to 15 workshops: 9 weeks watching time
  • 16+ workshops: 12 weeks watching time
Once purchased, you can watch, and re-watch, the workshop(s) as many times as you like. However, they will only be accessible for the length of time you chose at check-out. You can change the dates of your starting viewing time as long as it is done prior to the original date selected.
Additionally, all workshops labeled "New" will have the added benefit of a Live Q&A session with the artist. These usually take place a couple of weeks after first release. So make sure to sign-up for them. The specific dates appear in our workshop page.
"Previous" Workshops don't have a live Q&A session. However, all past Q&As are recorded and viewable by all students, on our Youtube channel.
For more information please take a look at our FAQs page or contact us directly at
Q2. Are there any technical requirements in order to view the workshops?
No, most modern computer configurations should be able to play the videos. Just make sure you have the latest versions of Flash and QuickTime installed.
Q3. Is there a space limit for the workshop?
No. We have made some adjustments to accommodate more people.
Q4. When and for how long will the workshop(s) be available?
The workshops availability and access is based on how many workshops you purchase and a time. Please click here for a breakdown of the workshop access. Nevertheless, you do have the choice to change the selected date at the time of your purchase or directly in your profile page as long as it is done 24 hours prior to the original date selected.
Q5. Can I get technical support if I have a problem viewing the workshop video?
We will try our best to trouble shoot the issue, but ultimately we cannot assist the user with Internet connection issues at the user’s end, and defective hardware/software issues.
Q6. Why can’t I download the Workshops?
We are able to keep our prices affordable for the workshops due to our streaming set up which is part of our agreement with the artists we work with. In the future we look forward to be able to offer a membership option where you could access all of different workshops for longer periods of time for a specific fee but that option will not be available until the end of the year 2011.
Q7. What is the difference between previous and new workshops?
The small difference between new and past workshops it is that on the new workshops you can directly participate in the live Q and A. For more information on past videos click here.
Q8. I am trying to pay for a Workshop but I am not able to load the actual payment page where I can enter my credit card or paypal information. What should I do?

All of our payments are done through a page set up by paypal which also gives you the option to pay with a credit card, depending on your personal computer internet settings in very rare occasions some customers may experience problems uploading that page.

If you cannot access to the final payment page it can be due to the settings and firewalls on your computer. Due to the many different possible internet computer settings we are not able to directly trouble shoot these sort of issues. Nevertheless, you can try any of the following options:

  • Try using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Using a different computer.
  • If none of the options above do not work please contact us by email so we can set up an appointment and due the transaction over the phone.


Q1. What are the requirements for the live Q&A with the instructor?
We will be using GoToMeeting software. Please click here for technical requirements.
Q2. At what time will the live Q&A start?
You will also have a live QandA for each of our new workshops with each instructor. Such dates will be displayed in our workshop page prior to the videos release. There will also be a link inside your CGMW account for the QandA which will direct you to the live session the day of the event.
Q3. Will the Q&A be recorded for later viewing? And if so, for how long?
Yes. It will be archived and available on our youtube channel.
Q4. How many people can participate in the Q&A?
There is a current maximum of 500 spaces. So make sure to sign-on early. The Q&A is on a first-come-first-served basis.
Q5. How do I submit my questions?
Via the chat feature inside the GoToMeeting session the day of the event.
Q6. Will the instructor be able to critique my work during the live Q&A?
No. Due of the shear volume of participants, and the limited amount of time for the Q&A sessions, it will not be possible to facilitate live critiques.

Please see our Master Classes Website for information about future offerings, and the One-on-One mentoring element.
Q7. What is the difference between CGMW’s “Workshops” and “Master Classes”?
There are two main differences between the Workshops and Master Classes. The first is duration, and second has to deal with the level of interaction between the student and their instructor.

Typically gokkasten spelen, Workshops are limited to a 3 weeks (or more depending on purchase) viewing period from the time of first release. For new workshops there is a one  Q&A session of one hour- hosted by the presenter and recorded for those that purchased the workshops after the scheduled QandA. Additionally, each Workshop ranges between 2-3 hours in length, and only cover one aspect of the Film or Gaming industry. Master Classes, on the other hand, are actual curriculum  based lessons broken down across eight weeks of specialized instruction. This will also include a more in-depth review of your work by an instructor. This brings us to our next point: instructor/student interaction.

With the Master Classes, students will be able to have their actual work critiqued by a “Master” from the industry. This includes any possible one-on-one mentoring/training that happens for the duration of the Master Class. Additionally, all Master Classes will be small in size. This is designed to help young artist grow and develop their natural artistic inclinations, while also balancing the amount of work done by our instructors.

Refund Policy

Q1. Refund Policy?
There are no refunds on the workshops. You are responsible for attending the workshops during the period of time that you have purchased. We are not responsible for reminding you about the workshops it’s your responsibility to schedule a time and date that suits your availability to view these workshops.