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Previous Workshops:

Workshops labeled "Previous" only allow access to the Q&A recordings.

New Workshops:

Workshops labeled "New" allow you to directly participate in the live Q&A. (Q&A participation is possible only if the Q&A time has not already passed.).


New and previously released workshops cost individually: $39.99

1 Workshop 3 weeks $39.99
2-3 Workshops 5 weeks 12% discount $35.19 per workshop
4-8 Workshops 7 weeks 17% discount $33.19 per workshop
9-15 Workshops 9 weeks 20% discount $31.99 per workshop
16+ Workshops 12 weeks 25% discount $29.99 per workshop


How Do the Workshops Work?

First, instructors pre-record their workshop's lesson prior to the release date of the workshop. These demonstrations range from 2 - 3 hours in length, unless otherwise noted in the "Workshop Description Page". Secondly, our Workshops are released as streaming video content, from our servers. As a viewer, you will be granted access to the workshops based on the dates — you picked — at the time of purchase.

Once purchased, you can watch, and re-watch, the workshop(s) as many times as you like. However, they will only be accessible for the length of time you chose at check-out. You can change the dates of your starting viewing time as long as it is done prior to the original date selected. Additionally, all workshops labeled "New" will have the added benefit of a Live Q&A session with the artist. These usually take place a couple of weeks after first release. So make sure to sign-up for them. The specific dates appear in our workshop page.

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These are our workshops from previous sessions.
You can still purchase any of them and view
their Q&A sessions on the CGMA youtube channel.